How to Use Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker ?

How to Use Instant Pot: To choose and buy any product today is a big deal. The wide range of options brands and models confuses when you visit a store. Later picking one effective and using it properly as you want is the next difficult task. Discovering its features, uses, and knowing the manual alterations and the corresponding functions cannot be done or identified in a day. But here, we are giving you certain information on how to use the Instant pot pressure cooker, which is an actual cakewalk as this device is not that tough or complicated. It simple and easy. All that you have to know is, in what way it could function.

What are Instant Pot

The pioneer of the multi-purpose cooker dates back to 2010 which is designed by Robert Wang is the INSTANT POT brand of pressure cookers. It is designed to be functioned electronically and performs more additional tasks apart from the usual boiling and cooking. Instead, it does different other tasks like sauteing, steaming, and so on. There is a pre-set option, that allows us to set time and cook the food accordingly. There are nearly 20 models in the market and at three different sizes that will fit in any family for their usual days. There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as in the other techno-gadgets, which can be controlled by the Mobile phones. The other exclusive functionality is its, pressure release method as per the time limit and the consistency of the food. Here the pressure release function is structured both manual and automatic function.

Features of the Instant Pot

  • FLEXIBLE AND FAST: the appliance is flexible enough to cook food and process it as you wish and change the usage as you like. The process of cooking is 10 minutes lesser than the usual time taken in the other appliance.
  • MULTIPLE TEMPERATURE: this device allows us to alter the cooking temperature as don’t in the normal stove in-between the process, which is efficient and doesn’t spoil the food by overcooking.
  • MICROPROCESSOR: there is the built-in microprocessing feature in the Instant pot Pressure cooker.
  • ALEXA CONTROL: one can also control the device using Alexa once they are connected and merged. It is controlled through smartphones also.
  • MULTI-TASKING: this is a 7 in one appliance that performs nearly 20 different tasks in one. It is equivalent to the other kitchen appliance that takes over all of them, as works all in all for you, say it performs the task of sauteing, frying, pressure cooking, slow cooking, and so on.


The INSTANT POT offers a wide range of 16 different settings and there is a corresponding number of buttons on the screen. Each button responds to different purpose and that includes pre-set option to delay cooking time. One can also opt for cooking in pressure mode without pressure mode, or even normal mode, as they wish to use. Let’s have a detailed look at how the different function works for you.

  1. Soup: make you delicious soup in 30 minutes of pressure cooking. It’s truly yummy and easy to cook.
  1. Meat / Stew: to cook a stew or meat, the maximum is just 20 minutes in high-pressure cooking. Sometimes the time limit may exceed due to the size or quantity of the meat or the texture of it.
  1. Bean /Chilli: whatever it may be, bean or chili, the high-pressure cooking takes 30 minutes only to prepare your meal.
  1. Poultry: using this mode, you can just cook your meat or chicken in just 15 minutes, it may delay if your chicken is frozen or in larger quantity.
  1. Rice: the maximum time the pot takes to cook your rice will just be 12 minutes even at slow cooking.
  1. Multigrain: the high-pressure cooking helps to cook your meal in just 40 minutes, where you can include cereal, rice, quinoa, etc into the dish.
  1. Porridge: this mode, you will just take hardly 20 minutes to cook your porridge with high steam pressure cooking.
  1. Yogurt: this is a fully automated mode that helps to prepare yogurt, pasteurizing milk, and fermenting curd.
  1. Saute: using this mode you can cook meat and vegetables without the lid. The adjusting option allows switching between less, normal and high temperatures.
  1. Slow cooking: this mode makes cooking without pressure, and one can set a time limit between 3o minutes and 20 hours. In this, the cooking mode can be adjusted to normal, high, and low.
  1. Steam: u can cook a health dish in just 10 minutes time, but you are required to use a rack to avoid burning.
  1. Manual: this button helps to switch between high and low temperatures while cooking in Pressure mode.
  1. Timer: this button helps to plan and set the processing time for the pot to delayed start. Most used at pressure cooking and slow cooking.
  1. Pressure cooking: this enables to adjust the pressure from low to high or vise-verse during the steaming process.
  1. Adjust: This button helps in adjusting the temperature of the Instant pot while using it in slow cooking or saute modes.
  1. Keep it warm / cancel: this button enables you to keep your food warm, once you don’t need this, you can cancel it using the same button.


  • Use the buttons on the cooker judiciously.
  • Use a little amount of liquid in the cooker while cooking anything.
  • Set the lid valve to sealing.
  • Keep the cooker clean

One must know the parts of the Instant Pot cooker and know its function to use them more effectively and handle then in proper ways.


This id the part that contains the system of the button and holds the main pot.


Basically the lid is used to cover the pot. The lid is needed to be sealed properly if not the program doesn’t start.


The valve is used on top of the lid at sealing position at pressure cooking and at ventilation position during slow cooking.


The container holding the food inside.


It is a silicon part surrounding the lid inside, that holds the container for pressuring cooking to trap the steam inside. You need to replace on a regular basis as it absorbs the scent of the food.


This prevents the food from being submerged into the liquid.


Yeah, here we saw how the INSTANT POT PRESSURE COOKERS work and how efficiently they could work. Hope this content was useful and guided you with no complications. Instant Pot is damn convenient and a piece of true multi-tasker kitchen equipment and more a user-friendly appliance for all women using this at their kitchen. Eat healthily and grow fit. And make cooking more special and simple using INSTANT POT PRESSURE COOKER. And to note, we are in no way related or paid for the article content from the company. This is purely for information basis and not commercial.

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