Instant Pot DUO60 Pressure Cooker Review

Instant Pot DUO60 Review: Through our recent articles we have been looking at different types of Instant pot in the market. In that list, this new model of Instant Pot is out with super cool and exciting features. Instant Pot has been constantly showering with durable and well-featured models which is been showcased very obviously in their upgradation. This new model of Instant Pot DU60 is with dual pressure release options and large LCD screen for display which performs 7 different uses by varying settings.

Let’s have look at the features, pros, and cons along with its uses and a more in this article in a detailed manner for having a better and wise idea on this super new model of Instant Pot DU60.

Ranked 1st out of 8 Instant Pots

  • There is a Large Blue LCD Display
  • No Touch Screen facility
  • No Steam Release option
  • Dual Pressure Setting Facility
  • Free Recipe App provided

instant pot duo60

The 7-in-1 DUO60 from Instant Pot – What is this

This Instant Pot DUO60 as mentioned is a Seven in One pressure cooker, performing the task of slow cooking, rice cooker, sauteing, electric cooker, steaming, warmer, browning pan. Yogurt maker and more all by itself which is actually impressive that none of us would give on a good hope on this. But from the reviewers and customer, this Instant Pot is really best at what it does. A proper pretty quick, promising, non-stop appliance with durability affordable, and produces with extremely tasty and well-flavored dishes. All yummy!!! yummy, actually.

This Instant Pot comes with Stainless steel interior coating which is safe and easy to use and clean by hand and also in a dishwasher. This pot holds 6 quarts of food actually sufficient for a medium-size family of 6 people. And it helps to manage cooking time for a busy family as well. Instead, there are different sizes to choose in the pot but mostly 8 quarts and 6 quarts have only opted. But for a small size family, there are 5 quarts and also 3 quarts size pots.

When tested for its ability to cook rice, it ranked 3rd for the longest prepare time, and the grains were completely cooked without sticking down. And when we cooked pot roast the time consumption was similar but the roast was quite tender in its texture. And the beef in many of the mouths broke into pieces

There are 8 food buttons for pre-set options to cook food like soup, broth, bean, chili, meat, stew, rice, poultry, porridge, yogurt, and multigrain including, other cooking options like sauteing, pressure cooking, steaming, warmer, etc. Which is a versatile appliance for cooking?

The delay start button that allows setting time for the cooking process to start as per one wishes which is actually a very good facility for the one who wanted to eat a nice tasty hot meal at once they reach home without ant delay. This delay option can be planned for 24 hours time. There is also a warm button to keep the food hot until you eat it.

In this instant pot, most of the places are chill except the condensation cup, lid, and release valve. And this is the only Instant Pot that has an Application that could be downloaded in your mobile that helps in tracking the food processing time and share recipes also.

The recipe book that comes along this appliance is actually very helpful in various means that give the cooking time when few have no specific cooking time for few dishes, so t this point this helps to check the processing time from the application. And this appliance comes with rice spoon, ladle, steamer rack, and measuring cup which can also be washed in a dishwasher.

The Instant Pot DUO60 is completely made up of stainless steel which assures its durability and long life. If one is actually worried about its malfunction or durability as when in use for a long time, actually there is no need to worry as there is one year of warranty assured to this Pot.

This appliance is completely safe to use, as it functions under really very precocious instructions. And the pot doesn’t start its cooking process unless the lid is properly closed and placed right tight in its position. The lid is so tight enough that one cannot actually take it off unless the pressure on the top is fully released. The unique fuss in the machine adds to its safety that cuts off the cooker from electricity automatically when the temperature exceeds from its level needed.

Pros of Instant Pot DUO60 Qt 7-in-1 Cooker

Despite the features, its benefits and goodness are to be appreciated. In that way, lets appreciate the Pro’s of Instant Pot DUO60 and know them better to use.

  • Interior Stainless Steel : most of the instant pot doesn’t come with interior stainless steel coating instead they use non stick or Teflon coating . despite the plastic holding outside, this Instant Pot is truly safe to cook food as it has Stainless Steel coating.
  • Multiple Uses : this Instant Pot is 7 in 1 pressure cooker performing different tasks like sauteing, steaming, pressure cooking, yogurt making, slow cooking, and many more.and can be used both at traditional oven and stove also.
  • Replaces Slow cookers : it works both as a slow cooker and crock pot for fast and better results. This Instant Pot fits to any kitchen and more convenient for small sized kitchen that tasks up the task of different appliance as one.
  • Save Time : this appliance is actually cool to use and it also helps to save time with its automated programmable ability. For all those who wanted to make their evenings less tiresome after working he whole day, this Instant Pot would help them out like a lifesaver.
  • Cost Effective : the price of Instant Pot DUO60 may be found costly but when one considers its uses and functions then this cost would be actually nothing as its a multiple tasking appliance that performs rice cooking as well as to sauteing.
  • Programmable : most of the slow cooker and pressure cookers are not programmed but this Instant Pot DUO60 is programmable and one can set the schedule time for a dish in the Pot and carry on with their work. The programming can be set between 24 hours span. Not only this, the Instant Pot offers with several other Pre-set options also.
  • Energy Efficiency : this Instant pot needs no additional electric source to generate heat instead the plug in will do to produce heat by itself. And it also safe and ease to use
  • Simple cleaning : the interior stainless steel coating is very easy to clean and wash off the food and debris in it and this can also be used in a dishwasher also.

Cons of Instant Pot DUO60 Qt 7-in-1 Cooker

Is always god to know both good and bad of anything that you deal in life for better understanding. As we had a look on the Pro’s of the Instant Pot DUO6 in the previous para, its our immediate duty to take a clear look on the Con’s of the Instant Poi DUO60.

  • Price : its true that the price of the Instant Pot DUO60 is actually costly compared to the rest of the Instant Pot. But it is also true that for the features and its use, this price assigned to it is actually lower. As this Instant Pot DUO60 is a seven in one kitchen appliance that performance various tasks including slow cooking, sauteing, yogurt making, and so on, one can actually get this appliance with out the second thought as buying similar seven appliance its better to get this one .
  • Learning Curve : its important for the beginners to get past the learning curve first, and as time, one should get okay with it, or else it would turn to some minor accidents in the kitchen. So its better to be safe from danger, going through the manual is also highly important as there are all the important details precise and perfect.

Uses of Instant Pot

Instant Pot DUO60 is such an handy appliance for the kitchen making cooking more easy at a short span performing various tasks like a rice cooker, pressure cooker, to warm, to saute and also to make yogurt and more. Through which the fact of being helpful is evident. As most of the time, we opt to oat that’s easy while one cooks in hurry bury but thinking about its methods to cooking is a little tough, but having a Instant Pot DUO60 as mentioned is perfect that can act as a steamer, slow cooker and much more.

Best about Instant Pot DUO60

Lets take a detailed analyses of the best features of this Instant Pot DUO60 in this part of the content which would actually be a satisfying one for the buyers to choose their best instant cooker for their kitchen.


Among all other features, the performance of Instant Pot DUO60 is highly versatile. To approve this statement, mostly all the customers who purchased Instant Pot DUO60 is absolutely happy about their purchase. Its multi tasking performance like cooking meat, vegetables, risotto and food is effectively efficient super good in cooking food quickly. This Instant Pot been credited as the best slower cooker, rice cooker and also as a pressure cooker by the editors of Good Housekeeping which is also good for sauteing. This was also acknowledged by the as its produced good results in their testing period which was also good performing in different setting mode. The customers report was also satisfying that it proved being the best to serve 7 different tasks when been set accordingly. And the price spend on this product is totally worthy especially for its Yogurt making methods.

Easy to use

Despite the Instant Pot Duo60 come with a poor instruction manual that doesn’t offer best results to help the customer, there are a lot of online resources that feed more help and easy solutions regarding the issues and also more recipes with video contents as well, which is also something so good about the external sources for Instant Pot DUO60. Other than this, the pot is actually easy to use, to wash, to control ,to manage as well. There is a special appreciation for the Lid piece. The one issue about the interface is that they weren’t intuitive enough and the poor LCD screen doesn’t give a proper note on what the cooker is actually performing. But if one can deal this with no panic or urgency, this product will work well.


When the 6-quart version of Instant Pot DUO60 was out to the market in 2014 , and it had very few complain list regarding the durability and breakage of the product even when been used several times a week. To add to its uniqueness, the inner pot is made up of 3-ply food grade stainless steel interior which is found rare in most of the other electronic pressure cookers as they use non-stick materials but this is a deal breakers for those who are looking to avoid chemical coating. But one advice from the Instant Pot would be to different gasket for normal cooking and flavored cooking, as the reviewers have stated that the smell of the gasket is too strong to get rid of when cooked something with high flavors. And to note, the gasket doesn’t get covered under the warranty.

Test Process

Over few months, despite us testing on different multi-cookers, trying out various dishes in them like cooking rice, beef and pork meats, onions, stews, chilli fries and more, most of our testers focused on the texture tendency and taste overall which other lacked someway or other in their performance. But this Instant Pot DUO60 pressure cooker gave out best results comparatively. As per our analysis, it was easy cooking using this pressure cooker and the touch based controls were convenient for changing programme. The silver coating inside the pot gave the pot an extra durable ability. For the best taste tendency and texture and also to with stand warmth for you to taste the best aura out of your favorite home made dish, its actually wise choosing this 7in 1 Instant Pot DUO60.

This 7 in 1 Instant Pot DUO60 is an affordable and a much beloved device that cooks in all manners making kitchen smooth to access in ease. This product is a completely perfect substitute for different kitchen appliance and you can use this simply easy with no great difficulties, wherein this can also replace an oven when you want to heat with low temperature.

Here,listed down are few points that can be noted to say that IPDUO60 is best from the rest.

  • Alternative : despite there being a lot of other Instant Pot and multi-cookers, for the purpose of bang for the buck, this IPDUO60 model heads the list pushing the other products.
  • Longevity : the stainless-steel exterior and bowl makes a study counter pot appliance enabling it to last for more several years.
  • Worthy : as this severs as a counter pot for various different appliance in the kitchen that works truly great and satisfies what one expects from an Instant Pot. Having a single counter pot for several of your other cooking appliance is something that none of us would like to miss it out. For some beginners this would a little hard to tackle but actually good partner once they learn to use it properly.


As a whole, this Instant Pot DUO60 instant pressure cooker is actually worth its investment. This comes with an application help and a recipe book which is truly helpful while cooking as it offers with 90% of the information you need while cooking and depending on the personal taste the texture of the dish will automatically change. Despite this the pot gives you convenience with its inbuilt features and the pressure built and released are also handled by itself.

This seven in one multi tasking pressure cooker is actually truly the bestest of what you would have choose so far. Its been efficiently designed to perform effectively in any kitchen and to support its customers and make cooking really fun and tireless.

Its always good to choose wisely for your family and an appliance of this sort is truly a good one that any family would prefer as it performance the work of 7 different appliance in the kitchen, reduces the risk of 7 different appliance in the kitchen.

We are here to give our readers the best of the information that is collected from sources, and we can only suggest to you , and we hope we are only giving you the best. In that note this content is purely an overview of the product for educational and informative purposes only. And in no way, we are been in concerned about the product or the company and we receive no promotion funds for these contents.  Thanking you.

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