Instant Pot Lux60 Pressure Cooker Review

Instant Pot Lux60 Review


Cooking is an art and food is love. Who will not like a hot ready meal once you reach home? That’s yummy and energetic. Today as we all have so many things to concentrate on, we forget the importance of food. For good food being tasty and healthy, the procedure involved in its making is highly important. Here we have the best instant pot for our Instant life. As spending hours in our kitchen is highly impossible and none would like that. Despite different other utensils, one should actually set a place for a pressure cooker on their shelves.

Instant Pot Lux60

Let’s take a look at IP-LUX60V3 Instant Pressure Cooker the third version of Instant Pot. The expansion of the product name is, IP stands for “Instant Pot” the brand name. LUX indicates the model series followed by a two-digit number indicating the size and volume it holds. The final part is the edition, that is it’s the 3rd Version of Instant Pot.

Let’s discuss in this article about the best features and its pro’s and cons of the best selling Pressure Cooker in the market which helps to cook the most delicious and healthy food. Scroll down to know more.

Features of Instant Pot LUX60

The third version of Instant Pot LUX60 is the most efficient and high-performance pressure in the market. Cooking is of no worry when you have an instant pot pressure cooker which is more effective and also values money. This IP-LUX60V3 is one of the high tech pressure in an affordable budget in the market. The features it provides make it the best. Let’s discuss the features of the IP-LUX60V3 pressure cooker.

  • The Instant Pot LUX60 V3 was launched by Instant pot in 2017 after Instant Pot LUX60.
  • The IP-LUX60V3 holds 6 quarts volume with the features of the older version, in addition to some new versions like cake baking and egg boiling functions.
  • This pressure cooker doesn’t stop with boiling rice but also helps to sauté, steam, browning, slow cooking. Proving it is a versatile cooker.
  • This is the only Pressure cooker without the feature of making yogurts. Wherein most of the pressure cooker is now been released with this ability inclusive of the Fagor LUX360.
  • To maintain a calm and composed ambiance in your kitchen, the main aspect to be noticed in the machine is that it should produce any sound. Similarly, IP-LUX60V3 is designed so perfectly that it doesn’t produce any sound while in use.
  •  To state this version of Instant Pot LUX60V3 pressure cooker is that, it works twice that of the older version. Where in the older version the warmth was maintained to only 120 minutes but here in this pressure cooker, it’s increased to 240minutes.
  •  The delay time feature in this cooker allows delaying cooking within 24hours of the span. So that the food can be cooked as and when one needs it to be served hot.
  •  The IP-LUX60V3 comes with more safety mechanism better than the previous version. This makes the pressure cooker more safe and secure for use.
  • When the temperature reaches a certain height and the unsafe level, it automatically cuts off the power which is one of the best safety measures that is considerable.
  • The next best feature is the keep warm function that allows the food to.stay warm up to 12hours of time.
  • This cooker comes with an advanced broth/soup program that allows cooking rich bone broth in just 4hours once when the function is set and the rest will be handled automatically.
  • The Instant Pot LUX60V3 cooks your food in a controlled fashion inside a sealed environment which makes the food juices and highly nutritious.
  • The pressure range used in these devices ranges between 10.6psi to 11.6psi between which one can cook with no risk or fear. And the safety measures in these cookers will also make sure that cookers don’t reach more than 15.23psi.
  • The magnetic sensor detection for the lid allows noting if the lid was properly locked or not. In case of the lid not in the right position, it’s unsafe, it automatically turns off and doesn’t on the machine.
  • This Instant Pot LUX60V3 pressure cooker comes to the market at a price lower than its previous models. This price is affordable to all and also works effectively.

Pro’s and Con’s of Instant Pot Lux60

Lets here discuss the Pros and Cons of the IP-LUX60V3 Pressure cooker. This pressure cooker deals on both sides but the pros of it have actually overthrown its cons. Still, it’s always important to know both sides of our self benefits.

The Pro’s of Instant Pot LUX60V3


The IP-LUX60V3 works in multiple disciplinary, it works for sauteing, steaming, slow cooking, browning and rice cooking. These little cooking machines are totally versatile. To do several jobs in your kitchen and to manage space, one could count on this IP-LUX60V3 Pressure cooker as this is planned and programmed in such a manner to offer 6-in-1 purpose in cooking to save time, space and money which also fits into the budget.


The special feature of the IP-LUX60V3 Pressure cooker is the Delay time option which is more helpful for the office goers whose first intent is to get ready for the work. This delay time work for us sufficient that the timing can be fixed between 24 hours and allow it to cook when needed. Say if one needs to have some hot and fresh cooked food while he returns home, the use could fix the time around his return so that the ingredients in the pressure cooker cooks during the set time which can be turned off automatically after cooking when it is set.


The IP-LUX60V3 Pressure cooker is designed with ten safety mechanism built-in, in a manner to ensure the safety standards and been subjected to rigorous safety experiments to work effectively in any conditions. It comprises extreme pressure protection, lid locking mechanisms, high-temperature warnings, automatic pressure, steam control, etc that gives complete peace of mind while using the pressure cooker. This IP-LUX60V3 Pressure cooker is also certified with UL and ULC certificate. This gives an additional advantage to the pressure cooker.


The next advantage of this IP-LUX60V3 pressure cooker is that it keeps the food warm for nearly 12hours of the time limit when you don’t wish to eat the food as soon as it’s been cooked, the pan lets the food warm until you want it to be. this reduces cooking gas consumption as most of us waste the cooking gas in order to reheat the food we cooked. This feature also ensures to keep the food tasty and not overcooked.


For easy reading and use, the IP-LUX60V3 Pressure cooker comes with a large visible display panel that allows you to choose a program for cooking, and cook as instructed. As per the cooking method, the display panel offers different settings. These settings allow the cooker to handle everything possible when the instructions are well ordered.


The food in the IP-LUX60V3 pressure cooker is completely cooked in a closely controlled and sealed environment making it rich in nutrients and healthy. It makes the food juices than making it watery which would dilute the flavor of the food. The vitamins, nutrients, and minerals are well preserved in the food. The food is not oxidized while heating despite the presence of air exposure. The Instant Pot retains the natural colour of the food which doesn’t spoil its look and taste making it more nutritious.


This IP-LUX60V3 set comes with a recipe booklet that offers a wide range of dishes that can be cooked using one pressure cooker. Not only that, as this pressure cooker is multiple functionaries, dishes of different variety are also been able to cook from Chinese to continental to Indian style of dishes and a lot more to.

The Con’s of Instant Pot LUX60V3

  • SIZE

The size of the pressure cooker in Instant Pot LUX60V3 is comparatively big, big that it is huge for most of the nuclear family which is more for them and also doesn’t fit in most of the kitchen cabinet wherein it is been placed mostly in the counter.


The facility of enabling the change in quantity in the instruction booklet is absent. That’s, one should follow the instruction properly for cooking a dish at once. Cause the quantity being more or less would end up the food a disaster at times by being overcooked or burnt or half-cooked.


At times the cooking span varies, that it takes a longer time to cook than it’s been mentioned in the booklet. So blindly following the instruction will turn hard at times. Therefore it’s important for the beginners to have a check over the set time.

The complete kit

Let’s just have a look at the contents of the kit that are been included in the box of Instant Pot Lux60 V3.

  • 6-quart stainless steel cooking pot
  • Stainless steel steam rack – with no handles
  • Rice paddle
  • Measuring cup
  • Soupspoon
  • Recipe booklet
  • User manual

Check before purchase

Pressure cookers are today the most important part of cooking and in the kitchen which is of huge help, like a cooking partner as most of our dish in the hustle-bustle the pressure cookers are only been a helping hand. Now let’s see some interesting stuff in the Instant Pot Lux60 that makes it best out of the rest pressure cookers in the market.

The material of a pressure cooker is made is the most important thing to be noticed. The IP-LUX60V3 is made of stainless steel in and out, securing it from getting rust, dented, or scratched and giving a well extended lifetime compared to that of the rest in the market.
The second important point to be noticed is the quantity that it holds, cause the ratio varies from family to family depending on their size. The IP-LUX60V3 holds 6-quart which is more than enough and suffices a medium-size family for the cooking plan.

The next is the safety that a pressure cooker can provide while cooking as mastering in the art needs to undergo a lot of tough tasks and for a beginner, the comfort and effortless cooking comes out of the safety provided that creates interest in cooking. In this manner, IP-LUX60V3 is certified with UL and ULC certificate with 10 safety mechanism.

The next one is the name of the brand in the market, as more reviews for products give a good account of the product. In that sense, IP-LUX60V3 is made by Instant Pot one of the famous and successful brands in the market and the brand itself contains some amount of weight-age.

The final and finest point to be noted is the warranty that’s been given to the product. This IP-LUX60V3 pressure cooker comes with a 2-year warranty which includes the acquaintance issues. With technology, the pressure cooker is at an affordable


For all those who are looking for a simple easy pressure cooker that can be set up to automation and that offers the tastiest meal on its own, this Instant Pot LUX60 version 3 (IP-LUX60V3) would be the best of all the choices. The multiple function facility and preset option that is built in the cooker allows cooking in different variety like that of a gourmet chef. The cleaning of the pressure cooker is also easy that dishwashing, as well as normal wash, can be done. The IP-LUX60V3 satisfies all safety means and technological aspects with its modern versatility. All this quality takes it to a higher position than that of the other pressure cookers in the market. For easy and effortless cooking this IP-LUX60V3 will be the only choice.

This content is purely on a review basis and not commercialized. Its been purely meant for being informative for your reader. And in no way, this article is concerned with the company.

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