Instant Pot Max Review – Is it Worth to Buy [2020 Updated]

Instant Pot Max Review

Looking for a multipurpose pressure cooker with all the modern features? Here we have Instant pot Max the most recent pressure cooker that is about to launch during 2020 January. This is a threshold compared to other products of the brand Instant pot. This comes with the Wi-Fi facility that passes on the current updates of the food being prepared in the pressure cooker about the temperature and the timings instantly to your phone. Still, people would think of buying a pressure cooker for $145.95 for a few extra features. But this is having an automatic steam release function and better canning feature than the rest.

Instant Pot Max

Let’s have a detailed view of Instant Pot Max60 through this article. Just scroll down to follow up on this advanced automated kitchen appliance.

Main Features of Instant Pot Max pressure cooker

Instant Pot Max, 6quart Electric Pressure Cooker is sustained with 15psi, which allows cooking in different varieties of cooking in different styles. Lets here discuss about the best features of this most required kitchen appliance.

  • Limitless cooking

The Instant Pot Max offers a limitless amount of services and features which are smart and innovative. Being the most expensive model of Instant Pot, the user is free to use and Customize this appliance according to their needs. This pressure cooker is a multipurpose appliance that can be used as a yogurt maker, food warmer, steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure canner, sous vide, searing pan and so on.

  • Options to set temperature

The instant pot max provides the number of options to set up temperature according to the pot as per requirements. Like it offers various features and multiple purposes, this instant pot also provides limitless setting options to set temperature.

  • LCD Touch screen

For smooth and easy management of the appliance, the Instant Pot Max offers a unique feature of touch screen facility with an LCD screen where you can set time, temperature, pressure level, dealy start and other sorts of settings. In addition to this product being user-friendly to access, this appliance is also more convenient for the users.

  • Highest Working Pressure

Despite the Instant Pot Max pressure cooker offers a subtle of various widespread feature, it is also supported with the feature of working in the highest pressure compared to that of the other products in the market. This featured enables to save time and cook at a faster rate.

  • Nutri boost technology

As a new feature, the Nutri boost technology is been added to the features list. This feature allows the food to retain its quality and sustain the original flavors of the dish. This helps in maintaining the quality and taste of the food when cooked using the InstantPot Max.

  • Custom temperature setting

Along with the other uses and facilities, this multipurpose InstantPot Max pressure cooker it also offers 13 different mechanisms with UI certified that are safe while cooking. The best part of this feature is that most of them are patented. The automated lid lock facility is also useful. Accurate temp control within +/-1°C or 1.8°Fis allowed for sous vide cooking.

Ranked 4th out of 8 Instant Pots

  • Cooking Speed: 15 psi cooks food faster
  • Touch Screen: Available
  • Steam Release: Yes
  • Material Quality: Food grade 304 (18/8) – no chemical coatings
  • Free Recipe App: 600+ Recipes & more

Buying Guide of Instant pot Max Pressure Cooker

For any kitchen, a product like Instant Pot is more efficient and classic which is a user-friendly cooking appliance. To add to its efficiency and capacity there are multiple features offered that fulfill almost all the needs of the users. The features of this product are so rich that memorizing all its features is not possible.

Still, it’s costly compared to the other products in the market. There are certain limitations and points that are to be noted before getting such type of instant pots. Go through these few points that are important features that should be checked before one buys it.

Compare the quality of the identical products in the market to know one’s specialization and drawbacks. These customer reviews will be of great help for this. With these reviews, one can get the best out of the rest from the lot.

The next thing to be noted is the features of the product as every new application in the market are unique in their own way with the other.

Thirdly, the prize of the product is to be considered. It’s important to check if the product you chose would fit in the fixed budget of yours and also satisfy the needs and requirements. Compare the ratings and working of the product before buying.

One should check for the warrant and other such features Facilitating for future uses.

Pros and Cons of Instant pot Max Pressure cooker

Nothing can be a full-fledged positive product. There will be super good features with some flaws. Similarly, let us discuss the Pros
and cons of Instant Pot Max in this part of the article.

Pros of Instant Pot Max pressure cooker

  • Touchscreen Controls

In the previous models of the Instant Pot, there was a large digital screen that wasn’t a touch screen. But in this new model of Instant Pot Max, there is a large digital screen with touch screen ability. Max offers the most important cooking options from pressure cooking, Yogurt, Canning, Soup, Slow Cook, Saute, and vide. This digital touch screen also provides with updated information about the unit such as the Pot’s internal temperature. The process bar that tells the individual how the food is prepared in the closed methods. And this function can also be used to vent the food whether it be whole fast release or intermittent release that can be initiated using the touch screen.

  • Programmable

Before activating the cooker, Instant Pot Max allows setting the program for venting or pressure cooking. This feature replaces the old manual venting processes an everything today is mostly automated when the program is fed. The wait near the cook to know or check if the food is ready or boiled or any of those sorts, instead it will vent automatically when the time is expired.

  • Detachable Cord

This is a special feature in the Instant Pot Max which s a double purpose, where the cord attached to it, is not permanent leaving storage space and used as containers also.

  • NutriBoost

Nutri boost is a new and exclusive feature which is been added to the list. Here the pot itself has the ability to stir automatically. The important aspect of this feature is that it holds the original flavor of the food content. As the boiling water move in and out, the food gets stirred up. This makes the food rich and flavored, and cook food better. This also provides the features to cook rich broth, rice, and dried beans also.

  • Pressure Canning

This feature in the Instant pot Max is so helpful and needed for those who wanted to do small batched of canning, this feature would be loved so much. Therefore it’s important to fix the recipe that undergoes pressure canning. Remember the quantity used as it only holds 4 jars(16.oz each) at once in Instant pot Max.

  • Detachable Cord

To fix the storage problems, this new feature is so needed that it allows removing the cord separately from the machine.

  • Sous Vide

Sous vide is been made possible through the internal thermometer and Nutri Boost feature. Than that in the other models, the slow cook method is a super special feature which is best in this Instant Pot Max.

  • Mute Sound Alerts

The sound alerts present in other models cannot be muted, but here in this Instant Pot Max, these alarms can be muted. This reduces disturbance and annoyance while cooking.

Con’s of Instant Pot Max Pressure Cooker

  • New Things to Learn

In the earlier version, there were buttons on the screen which was more obvious, there were little of confusions. But the LCD touch screen facility needs a lot of knowledge to handle or else the food will get overcooked or burnt in the Instant Pot Max. So one cannot handle this machine without knowing its features and functioning process.

  • More to Clean

There are valves inside the lid that can be removed and cleaned. These small and tiny pieces annoy while cleaning the Instant Pot max. But in the earlier version, this drawback wasn’t there.


The most efficient and effective multipurpose kitchen appliance is the Instant Pot Max Pressure Cooker which is luxurious and modern. Among the rest, this Instant Pot Max is the smartest cooking appliance that one should compulsorily have a place in their kitchen to fit. This pressure cooker from Instant Pot, the new edition Instant Pot Max is the best choice compared to the other choices in the market.

I hope this article was informative, and truly this content is not for advertising or commercial purpose, and in no way we are been related to the product. This is just to give an idea of the product. For queries ping us down in the comments section, we would surely help you out with our possible sources.

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