Instant Pot Smart WiFi Review – 2020 Updated

Instant Pot Smart WiFi Review:- Life is love where that love is food for most of us. The food with proper texture, taste, and quality served with love is like heaven to anybody. But the task of cooking is highly risky cause no chef is a better chef than your mom and our mother is also a human who tends to err and the food turning right all the time is not and never can be in the hands of us. But technology has achieved in taking off the spoilers out despite they being one which is another part. So here let’s see Smart Wi-Fi pressure cooker with a multitasking facility from Instant Pot, the most noted brand today.

This is an instant pot that can do its job automatically once set which has preset options and can be controlled via the INSTANT POT APP may think of offering $150 dollars for this appliance which is seemed to be simple tasking, but this is one such a beauty that does its job with a simple attitude. As we say adaptability is needed, to go with the phase is also needed and this machine is super cool that it offers Wi-Fi facility connected with an app in the smartphone and can also be paired with devices like Alexa. And its also designed with 1000 watts power and 6quarts of space.

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

This kit comes with a measuring cup, soup spoon, and rice paddle. And something similar to the previous version – Instant Pot Duo Plus in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity. The facility for cooking cake, yogurt, rice, meat, chili, and beans and to do slow cooking steaming, pressure cooking, and sauteing – there are different buttons but not for the sterilization button or egg maker button.

What does the APP do?

  1. Once the cooker and the phone are connected, the instant pot can be accessed wireless completely inside the house.
  2. The recipe section in the app provides us with a number of cuisines that help us out from making Indian curries to cheesecakes. So you could mesmerize the family with different delicious food each day.
  3. The temperature shown in the app indicated by the icon is not exactly correct, so it’s better to note the temperature and time manually.
  4. Once the program is started in the app, one can stop it halfway which is its biggest disability, so it’s better to see if you have done the procedure right before starting the program.

So it’s advisable to have a third eye before you set it for itself. As technology is handy but cant is self-manageable.

Features Of Instant Pot Smart WiFi

To all the tech-savvy out there, this Instant Pot Smart WiFi is the most efficient cooking appliance in the market that comes with the mobile controlling ability which is one of the hi-fi products out at a minimum to buy. The technological benefits worth its charge. So let’s discuss the salient features of this super cool techie utensil.

  1. It is designed with multiple features were in it is different disciplinary that helps one to mold the appliance according to their need say it can be used to slow cook, pressure cook, rice cooker, saute, steam, shearing to make yogurt, cake and also it makes the food stay warm. This is an 8 in one appliance which is so convenient to use in the kitchen.
  2. This appliance can be controlled thoroughly using a mobile phone within the house, which safe time and pressure completely, and its a wireless machine wherein it can fit at any place and need not search for switchboards.
  3. It has several built-in programs to facilitate various cooking methods.
  4. To set the required temperature automatically, this multi-facility appliance comes with twelve preset custom temperature. This allows the appliance to set its temperature by itself accordingly. This also makes the food delicious and tasty.
  5. Steam release, anti-black shield, safety lid lock, lid position detection, electrical fuse. Thermal fuse, automatic temperature control, and much more safety measure that assures 100 percent surety as you cook.
  6. This appliance connects with Wi-Fi and Alexa facility which can be controlled via palm with a simple touch from the mobile or through voice control using Alexa. Includes access to 1,000+ pre-programmed recipes and verify cooking progress, share cooker access with family, and receive alerts on your mobile device.
  7. The kit includes stainless steel steam rack with handles, rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup, and condensation collector.
  8. This appliance comes at 6-quart capacity which is perfect for any four- six-member family

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi Rank: Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi is been Ranked 5th out of 8other Instant Pots.

  • The Wi-Fi option is on the display itself.
  • One can set the cooker from any place.
  • There are 750+ pre-programmed recipes.
  • One can share access to anyone through Wi-Fi.
  • There is no touch screen facility
  • Free Recipe app with 600+ recipes

Pro’s in Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi

There lies something best in every product, and the customer’s job is to pick the best among the best-est. In that note, let’s check the best part of Instant Pot Smart WiFi.

The App

The Wi-Fi feature of the Instant Pot Smart Cooker gets activated in your mobile phone once you download it from the Play Store either from the Apple Store as its available in both Android and IOS devices. Instead, you can also control the IP Smart Wi-Fi manually using the button facility provided on the screen of the Instant Pot. The recipe app is been preprogrammed with 750 and more recipes. Say if you wish to eat something based on “Chicken” search for the term in the screen, choose one among the list and check the Basket icon for the ingredient list, get them ready, and once you pick the items follow the steps and start preparing your dish.

Press on the Utensil icon to start cooking, once the Cook Now button is available to press it to see the Smart Wi-Fi listed in it. You can also use the Delay option to preheat the utensil. The pressure and temperature will be preset to the utensil itself. The duration of the cooking time will also be mentioned by the cooker beforehand so that one can be aware of the time. If you wish it to stay warm, that will also be mentioned. Despite the few dish demand for pressure release in some 10 minutes after the process and some long release, you could calculate it according to the time you want it to stay warm. This sounds simple and easy right.


Wi-Fi facility in kitchen appliance has been like a part an parcel to its feature despite it doing nothing great or what, alike a kitchen utensil really doesn’t need of a Wi-Fi facility. This Wi-Fi feature allows to receive cooking notification and monitor cooking time as you are away from the kitchen but your smartphone helps to fix this. Despite the Wi-Fi, facility doesn’t offer big deal but helps out in fixing simple things with the remote facility. So if you forget to on the cooker, via the remote facility you can on it from the place where you are. But anyway if you forget that cooking is happening and leave it, the food will not be edible anymore, which is your fault. But the mobile notification helps to give an alarm about the food. It gives a ring sound from your mobile to indicate that Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi has completed its task successfully. This is helpful for those busy men, who wanted to do their other tasks as they cook. So when this notifies you, you will immediately be prompted to reach the kitchen.


This Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi is been made thoroughly at an affordable rate which is reasonable and with the number of features also.


This super appliance is safe and trendy that can be fixed at any kitchen making your place more classy. And there is a number of safety measure that protects and gives a good safe cooking experience.

Con’s in Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi

There is always a two-way possibility. Good and bad. To support the good feature there are few con’s to put them front to say, despite these flaws, there are few things that one could look up to. So as we saw the good feature of Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi beforehand, let’s discuss about it flaws down here.

WIFI Connectivity Issues

This Wi-Fi feature of the Instant Pot Smart doesn’t allow any other feature as the voice assistant technology and restricts integration with other smart products. And the Instant Pot app fails to allow the alter in cooking mode once started to cook which also stops the facility to read the temperature of the pot in number. It’s important that one should have complete knowledge of the technology. So if someone is not exactly aware of it then that would lead to high risks.

When the Wi-Fi connection is been supported by internet facility, these requirements makes the feature handicap, cause if you can’t afford proper internet, the feature can not be properly accessed.

Buyer’s Guide to Purchase Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi

For every product out in the market, there are few things and features that are to be noted and checked. In that way there few things to be ticked in the checklist before one opt of the best Instant cooker for your kitchen. To that note, let’s discuss a few things that you want to keep in your mind before you would choose the best Instant Pot Smart WiFi from the market.

  • The product quality must be good and stand by which is strong and durable. The basic appliances should be included with the accessories.
  • The size is the next important thing, cause it’s important that one should opt for the right measure in the required size. The Instant Pot Smart WiFi is usually available 6 quartz models which is the best size of its kind.
  • The safety is the next important part to be noted and analyzed before buying. This Instant Pot Smart WiFi is tested for its safety and been certified as the safest appliance which is something best and better to be.
  • The durability of the product is its real standard for which the warranty of the product is been given high importance. This Instant Pot Smart WiFi comes with a or two years of the warranty period and some of them even last up to 5 years for which the price varies accordingly.


To all food lovers and techie savvy this Instant pot Smart WiFi is like a sparkle out the magic wand. This is such a handy tool to all the people that gives them super delicious food with no hustle-bustle in the kitchen and also safes times in the busy schedule. Despite its cost being high than the rest, but the facilities and deeds that it offers price worthy that none other appliance could afford such wow features that satisfy the customers so efficiently. So don’t avoid this super-duper smart appliance for the sake of cost which is warranted to give sustainable durability and multitasking facility that can be simply posed as an 8 in 1 Instant Pot Smart WiFi cooker.

The excelled features like sending notification regarding the food status immediately, self offing method, temperature control, Wi-Fi connective are all its best parts. The bad luck lies only when you are not aware of the technological part and proper internet connection for connectivity.

So before you choose the best for you, take a look at the other models offered by Instant Pot, which has a wide range of appliances that would be convenient. Opting the best for is in your hand while we can just put out the products good and bad to you to make it more obvious in choosing the right one.

Hope this content was useful, do go through our other blogs and for any queries, pass it in the comments below for which we would love to pay proper usefulness. And for the note, this content is purely for informative purposes and not commercial.

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