Instant Pot Ultra Review – (New Release Updated 2020)

instant pot ultra review: We have been looking about different types of Instant Pot in our recent article, in that list, here we have INSTANT POT ULTRA that comes in 3,6 and 8 Quarts. This article is about to deal with the features, buyers’ guide, pros, and cons, inclusive of a brief explanation of the different Quarts that are available in the market. All the products of INSTANT POT are designed in a manner to serve 10 multiple purposes making the kitchen pleasant and giving a wonderful cooking experience without the pressure that comes with different customizing features. This pressure cooker is a pre-programmed device that saves time and money.

Its digital display like an extra topping in your ice cream that is so efficient enough to serve better and manage things. The process indicator that has been included in the machine, passes on notification regarding the complete cooking process so one need not actually panic about the food being prepared in it. The power cord can be removed and stored easily.

Having INSTANT POT ULTRA is a means of sophistication and comfort in the kitchen, ignoring its high cost compared to the other INSTANT POT in the market. Let’s have look at the features and the good and bad of this user-friendly machine with the advanced technology of new steam release method and 16 most advanced options and that gives full customized control on the settings.

Instant Pot Ultra

Before we get into the features of the INSTANT POT ULTRA, there are three different models in which these INSTANT POT ULTRA appear in the market, say INSTANT ULTRA MINI 3 QUART, INSTANT ULTRA 6 QUART and INSTANT ULTRA 8 QUART.

Instant Ultra Mini 3 Quart

Among the three models available, Instant Ultra Mini 3 Quart is the smaller size that is suitable for smaller family sizes. This instant pot gives a complete command over the user and been facilitated with the latest technological aspects in it. The INSTANT ULTRA MINI 3 QUART performs 10 different functions: slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer and so on, this little pot can do anything that you want. The INSTANT ULTRA 3Q can perform 14 different programs and also one can prepare egg in very few minutes.

The altitude adjustments help you to cook from anywhere in the house within a certain manageable distance. The LED function in this model allows observing the progress timing. The instant pot can be accessed at high and low pressure with its dual Pressure setting as you need it. There is a delay time setting extending till 24 hours, so one could cook food as and when they like. This instant pot saves about 70% of the energy that helps to cut down your utility bills.

Instant Ultra 6 Quart

For the medium-size family we have this INSTANT ULTRA 6 QUART, a medium-sized instant pot which is a demanding item in the market. It has excelled features. The pot costs around 11.84 pounds and acquires 120V to 60HZ with a twelve-year warranty. This is a 10-way device that can perform as a slow cooker, warmer, sterilizer, rice cooker and so on. The user is allowed to work on different pressure varying from high to low as per the requirement. It has different 11 safety mechanisms like an anti-bock sheet, steam release, automatic temperature control.

Instant Ultra 8 Quart

The larger the family grows, the larger the requirements. To suffice this, we have INSTANT ULTRA 8 QUART for a large and bigger size family and also for using while we have functions, parties and sort and times of inviting your relatives this larger size instant pot will be useful to cook food in a short time. Like the other model, this Instant Ultra 8Quart is a multifunctional cooker that performs various tasks such as slow cookers, yogurt makers, and so on. This pot allows making the cake easier than the rest. The central dial is user-friendly that is completely easy understanding. And last but not least this instant pot can alter to any altitude from high to low with no disturbance or difficulties.

Ranked 2nd out of 8 Instant Pot

  • There is a Central Dial.
  • There is no Touch Screen
  • There is a Steam Release facility
  • It made up of Stainless Steel Material
  • 600+ recipes and more in the Free recipe book provided

New Features

Here are a few important features that are new to INSTANT POT found especially in INSTANT ULTRA. These features are been designed for giving an extraordinary performance to its users. So, let’s have a look at these specialized features of Instant Ultra.

a) Altitude Adjustments: the ability to adjust according to the required altitude is a super cool feature of Instant Ultra. In this way, the altitude can range from high to low at any point as required for the dish. The cooking indicator is present to notify the ranging altitude to have a check over that.
b) Temperature settings: the main reason to call Instant pot a customized product is that it provides 12 different temperature settings that can be altered as required
c) Ultra Program: for cooking in a precise manner the Ultra programming feature helps the user. Here one can prepare their long time consuming favorite dish with minimum steps and effort to that. The control over setting provides customized cooking conditions that help to change and set according to the dish that is been prepared using Instant Ultra.
d) Versatility: this is a versatile product that performs different tasks needed in the kitchen as it acts like a cooker, warmer, egg maker, etc., as one alters the settings in it. This is a 10 in 1 appliance with improved functionality that makes cooking easier and handy.
e) Central Dial: a simple turn and press provide you with added precision to select programs and adjustments.
f) 10 in 1: this single appliance can perform ten different purposes in the kitchen that saves money, space and time. It acts as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, sauté/searing, steamer, warmer, and sterilizer.
g) 3D Microprocessor: this super cool appliance is been supported with 3D generation technology embedded with Microprocessing that monitors the pressure, temperature, keeps time, adjusts the heating intensity, duration, etc.
h) UI Certified: this ultra modeled Instant Pot is been certified with UI Certification that provides 11 safety measures and the user can be out of peace using this appliance. The ingredient in the Instant Ultra comes in contact with stainless steel having 304 (18/8) food grade.

Update in the Interface

The Instant Pot Ultra comes with an LCD screen and has a push dial, start and cancel button which makes it look primitive like the older version cause there is no option available to switch between programs.

Instance, if you have to switch from sauteing to pressure cooking, one has to first cancel the sauteing process using the cancel button and then search for pressure cooking option using the dial button. This involves more steps while switching between two programs. This is a little annoying, but let’s hope the company to sort it down in their next model.

On the other hand, there is new progress in the indicator that displays a wide range of information and graph regarding the current stage of cooking.

Ultra Auto Sealing System Guard

In the older Instant Pot versions, one needs to twist the venting knob to seal the pressure cooker, and to let the steam out one has to twist the knob the other way. But here in this new version, there is a steam release valve that automatically seals after the lid is put back on it. The upward point in the quick-release button notifies that it is sealed. To seal the steam release valve, twist the button counter-clockwise direction.

The Steam release feature is so powerful. It has this Quick Release Pressure button allows you to quickly release the pressure out. There is a click sound to indicate that the venting position is locked and placed. If one keeps pressing the button downwards, the steam pressure will come blasting out quickly. To release the pressure little, give a slight movement in the button.

This new automated feature is so lovely that once you wanted to close the pot, even while something id happening or cooking in the pot, a press on the Quick Release Button will do. For someone who forgets to place a lid, this option is so much useful.

Safety Features

  • Primary Safety Release Valve for releasing pressure once the internal pressure goes above 15.23 psi.
  • Anti-Clog Venthelps to stop the food debris from clogging the vent.
  • Safety Lock for Licensure the cooker is not opened automatically while pressurized and electricity is not required to function.
  • Detecting Lid Position helps to ensure the position of the lid, if it is not placed right, it is been notified as to its unsafe while cooking.
  • Temperature Sensorhelps in checking the cooking temperature for safety.
  • Burn Prevention tracks high temperatures during sautes, warming, heating up, etc and checks the food, not being burnt.
  • Pressure Sensorensures the pressure stays in a safe range.
  • Pressure Release (Last Resort) manages the valve to releasing pressure into the cooker’s body(in the middle of the inner pot and outer lining)when the main pressure managing valve stops working.
  • Detection of a Leaking Lidchecks if there is any leakage in the lid while cooking using any programs.
  • Quick Release Buttonautomatically locks the lid.
  • Temperature Fuse & Electric Current allows the power to turn off automatically when the internal temperature or the electric current goes over the safety limit.

The Instant Pot Ultra kit comes with

1. Soup scoop
2. Rice paddle
3. Steamer Rack
4. Recipe book
5. Fast Reference Guide
6. Condensation Collector
7. Rice Measuring Cup
8. Updated Manual

Pro’s of Instant Pot Ultra

  • From the features and updates, one would have decided how good the INSTANT POT ULTRA works. The best part of its features is picked and grouped under the goodness of the product, Instant Pot Ultra.
  • Flexible features and versatility are one such a handy tool for this product as it comes with well planned and programmed functions that allow cooking easy.
  • The notification system with the indicator will help one to analyze the progress time for the food to get prepared.
  • To operate this machine will not be hard as its digital display is that impressive along with its management system.
  • As a part of being convenient, it got a detachable cord that can be removed easily to store food after cooking.
  • The temperature and pressure setting is handy that they can be varied accordingly to the user’s choice. So the temperature can be set as much it’s needed and the pressure can vary from high to none as per choice and requirement.
  • Manual adjustments and control can be made if the dish requires it or if the user is convenient about that. Manual adjustments feature extends to time setting, temperature, the pressure that no other brand could offer.

Con’s of Instant Pot Ultra

  • It is equally good and bad in anything and everything in this world. Similarly, let’s take a look at the things that are considered to be on the other hand unfavorable to the Instant Pot Ultra.
  • The first and foremost thing is the cost of the product which is comparatively higher than that of the other Instant Pot in the market as it provides such kind of features.
  • This pot is suitable for hi-fi people if your life is budgeted or planned to run according, then this will not suit.
  • From that of the other product, the versatility is not that great comparatively in the market.
  • The other brands and models in the market have, flavor infusion a special feature which is absent in the Instant Ultra pot
  • The INSTANT POT lack out of WI-FI connectivity that allows controlling the instant pot through the phone.

Buyer’s Guide

We have been seeing all the basic notions that are to be known, in that order, the buyers guide is one such an important aspect that is to be given more importance before buying any product from the market cause despite different opinions, there will be some hints about the product’s properties that are to be noted which we don’t give much attention to.

The INSTANT POT ULTRA is from a reputed brand that allows you to cook different dishes from varied cuisine and a replacement for many other similar appliances in the kitchen making up space for you and serve many facilities from its potential. This also provided customization with flexibility and versatility as the user needs. Listing its features, one would decide its worth, so as sit equally gives more benefited features and usage, the cost is also comparatively high from that of the other Instant pot, but its a worthy one-time investment for your kitchen which can not be denied.

Check on these features, before buying any instant pot as these are the primary features one should mainly look on to. So lets now discuss that important feature that the buyers are been suggested to look on.

  1. Quality: the first important point is verified quality to perform and give better results. Being costly, the quality check should be given priority in the list before buying the appliance as paying more for something that couldn’t offer stable quality is worthless and if there is no prolongation of the product for at-least for few years, it’s totally not worth buying.
  2. Cost: being cost-efficient is very important for any product you buy in the market. The size and the price must be in coefficient terms. As there are different size of pots available, each of its price should be according to its sizes which is very important to be noted down. As most of us opt for the medium size pot which is perfect and suits most of the family and their needs, its important for it to be efficient.
  3. Model: its highly important to note down to a model that you have to choose, despite there are different models and open to provide a number of features that also vary from each model. So choosing one from the item that would feed you with better benefits and meeting your requirements is very important.
  4. Warranty: the warranty period is to be noted importantly while purchasing any electric appliances. The life span of any product is needed to be taken into account before buying.
    Check with these features and decided the best INSTANT POT ULTRA as per your requirements.


To provide multiple facilities, being user-friendly and a good companion at the kitchen, this INSTANT ULTRA model will be a good choice indeed. All its features and facilities with its uses are been designed in a user friendly manner for its customers. This is been supported technologically with excellent features that are all worth mentioning. So one can choose any model of Instant Ultra that meets their requirement as there are 3 models that vary by size which can be chosen accordingly.

To make cooking easy and comfortable this INSTANT POT ULTRA will be of primary choice for most of the families once they are aware of its facilities. Its multiple tasking facility is the most catchy thing about the product for which Instant Pot concentrates on each of its models. The presetting option and manual adjustments are its cool features. So inventing this advanced technological cooking appliance is actually the right choice. This is just a suggestion and being wise is in your hands.

To conclude this content, we are responsible to remember the readers that, this article is to deal completely as an informative one and not in commercial aspects. And truly we are in no means concerned with the company. Thank you.

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