Instant Pot vs Pressure Cooker – What is Preferably the Best ?

What is Preferably the Best – instant pot vs pressure cooker? The battle always exists in choosing between two brands. This is a similar battle by two top branding pressure cookers in the market, and its let up to you, the readers to choose the best among them. We, in this article, are to compare the difference between instant pot and pressure cooker XL. The fall always exists in every product you pick, on their feature, use, benefit. And nothing can be good and satisfying as a whole. In that case, here we are to just show you and detail on the stuff which can be considered on a larger ratio than the other.

So that doesn’t mean, the other is down, both are equally efficient in their way. Opting for the wise is in your hands, more importantly choosing that you would need and that satisfies your need are the important points to consider and that is left to you.



The multi programmable cooker with the capability of five to seven kitchen appliances which perform the task of a steamer, sterilizer, pressure cooker, slow cooker and all, is the Instant Pot series of the Pressure cookers. Its high-end technology relays on the touch screen facility and pre-set timer. The Instant Pot comes out in nearly 20 different models, out of which you are free to choose the one best Instant Pot for your kitchen to make it more versatile. And more importantly, they come in size variations like 4quarts, 6quarts, and 8quarts according to the size of the family. There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as in the other techno-gadgets, which are controlled using Mobile phone.

The other exclusive functionality is its, pressure release method as per the time limit and the consistency of the food. Here the pressure release function is structured both manual and automatic function. Where in, you have to be a little cautious while moving the valve in the moving position, in the automatic mode, you don’t need to risk as the valve opens itself to release the steam.


  • FLEXIBLE AND FAST: the appliance is flexible enough to cook food and process it as you wish and change the usage as you like. The process of cooking is 10 minutes lesser than the usual time taken in the other appliance.
  • MULTIPLE TEMPERATURE: this device allows us to alter the cooking temperature as don’t in the normal stove in-between the process, which is efficient and doesn’t spoil the food by overcooking.
  • MULTI-TASKING: this is a 7 in one appliance that performs nearly 20 different tasks in one. It is equivalent to the other kitchen appliance that takes over all of them, as works all in all for you, say it performs the task of sauteing, frying, pressure cooking, slow cooking, and so on.
  • ALEXA CONTROL: one can also control the device using Alexa once they are connected and merged. It is controlled through smartphones also.
  • MICROPROCESSOR: there is the built-in micro-processing feature in the Instant pot Pressure cooker.


In these portions, let us discuss what’s good and bad in the Instant Pot cookers to compare with the Power Pressure Cooker to have a steep look on the topic.


  • Holds the nutrient content: The heat across the cooker is distributed evenly and the food isn’t completely immersed in the water, which helps to hold the vitamins in the food and retains the natural flavor.
  • Stainless steel: The Instant Pot is made of stainless steel which is known for its durability. Where in the outer surface is made up of plastic?
  • Saves time: The Instant pot acts really fast that takes 10minutes less than the real cooking time of your food at home. Almost all the dishes are ready within an hour.
  • Anti blockage vent: The Instant Pot lid is not opened until the pressure is completely thrown out. In that case, the anti-blockage vent doesn’t allow the food particles to block the way when the steam is released during the cooking.
  • Automatic temperature control: According to the food being processed inside the pot, the Instant pot pressure cooker senses the temperature for cooking and controls it automatically.
  • Built-in program: The Instant Pot has a special feature, a built-in program, which is controlled directly by the user. The timer can be set depending on the food you cook and the warmer you need the pot.


  • Cost: When you consider Instant Pot, the price point is actually reasonable, but not a pocket-friendly appliance. It cost more than the usual kitchen appliance you could have.
  • Range of Pressure: The pot has the PSI, which is the pressure unit ranges between 10 and 12. this expands the time limit a little longer than the usual.


The Power Pressure Cookers is one full-on ease cooker that is no way lesser than its counterpart Instant Pot but it is less popularized tho. These Power Pressure cookers come in three sizes – 6quarts, 8quarta, and 10quarts. Here the food is cooked really faster, comparatively 70% faster than the other conventional appliance in your kitchen. And moreover, this pressure cooker has a built-in facility that severs a number of safety offers to its users. The Power pressure pot has a locking lid to ensure safety that helps in keeping the food warm for some time.

The preserving and canning feature on the Power pressure cooker is its most specialized feature. The one lacking point in this appliance is that is is still not taken to National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP), which pulls back from being an approved cooker.

When we say similarities, both the Instant Pot and power Pressure cooker have pressure releasing valve. The Instant Pot valve opens automatically or some time manual. Where in here in the Power Pressure Cooker, the pressure is released by matching the hole triangle with the lid above. Once the pressure is released the opening closes and comes back to a locked or normal position.


  • SAFE LID LOOK: here the device doesn’t process or works if the lid is not properly closed. This feature ensures safety.
  • ONE-TOUCH COOKING: just one push on the START button, does all the work for you in the required time, there are not much of inputs required from the user’s side, it is so very simple.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: the digital display, allow us to have a check on the temperature through the transparent screen. It’s not required to open or stop the process in between to check stuff.
  • DELAY TIME: using the delay time feature, the user can set time and accordingly the power pressure works to process the food, so you can eat is and relish them hot and flavored as and when you like.
  • STAINLESS STEEL COATING: the cooker is coated with Teflon as material protects from staining and rusting of the cooker. This expands the life of the cooks making it more durable.


Let us discuss what’s good and bad in the Power Pressure Cooker than that of the Instant Pot to have a steep look on the topic and to get good suggestions relating.


  • Stainless steel: The power cooker is made up of stainless steel which is durable enough to perform its tasks.
  • Display: The display shows the temperature and the other signs of the Power Pressure cooker. These signs are well understandable and very easy to use.
  • Timer: Despite its lower PSI, the Power pressure cooker is capable of cooking meals comparatively sooner than the usual process. One need not increase timing for its lower PSI. It handles itself if you do so, then you have to eat the overcooked meal.
  • Delay timer: This pressure cooker has the pre-set facility that allows setting time and cooks meal accordingly in the later day for you to relish nice yummy food once you enter after a tiring day.
  • Easy cleaning: The pressure cooker has an outer lid and an inner liner along with the gasket which is detachable. This helps in easy cleaning, where it’s also safe to dish wash.
  • Slow cook feature: The slow cook feature in the Power Pressure cooker allows the food to cook slow. Once the button on the display is clicked, the process begins. It cooks slowly like the normal pressure cookers.
  • Textured interior: It has a non-stick inner pot which is coated with Teflon and other non-stick materials that don’t allow the food to stick on the pan.
  • Flavor infusion: The high-pressure environment locks the flavor and the nutrients inside the food, keeping it fresh.


  • Failure of the coating: There has been a constant complaint on the peeling of the nonstick coat inside the Pressure cooker.
  • Teflon: The non-stick is coated with a material called polytetrafluoroethylene, formally Teflon. The safety of non-stick using Teflon has been investigated almost for a decade. It used PFOA till 2013 which was linked to liver and kidney disease. After that, all the Teflon products are PFOA free.
  • Limited functionality: The cooker has only 6 button features making it less effective than the other models in the market.
  • Psi limit: The PSI limit ranges from 7psi to 8psi which is the high end of low pressure of the instant pot.

What is the difference between an instant pot and a pressure cooker

The price. The most prominent matter that we look in any product is the price, in that consent, the cost of the Instant Pot ranges from $50 to $200 as per their feature and model and size. And when we take the Power Pressure cooker, cost on an average of $160, which is evident that the Instant pot is comparatively costly than the other. The next is the Yogurt making a feature in the Instant Pot, which is absent in the Power Pressure cooker. On the other hand, the Power Pressure Cooker provides an Extra larger size (10quarts capacity) option while Instant Pot sticks with Large size (8quarts capacity)  only.

The Instant Pot keeps showing new faces of it, say the launch of different models. Where there is a series of INSTANT POT LUX, INSTANT POT DUO, INSTANT POT SMART, INSTANT POT DUO PLUS. But in the case of a Power pressure cooker, there is no option except in size.

Overview of Power Pressure Cooker xl vs Instant Pot

Your choice may vary according to your use and priority. But considerable, the instant pot vs pressure cooker has consistently taken over the Power pressure cooker, which is evident. But this also varies from person to person and their need, and we cannot decide on that. Our job here is to navigate the readers in inches to know how both the product works and their efficiency. And it’s our personal opinion to relay on Instant pot but that doesn’t mean Power pressure cookers are worse. They have their customers and market among the troops.

To discuss on comparative point,  Instant pot is costlier than the Power Pressure cooker. The budget similarly can vary, but the usage of Instant Pot is double that of Power Pressure Cooker. the next is model, the Instant pot comes in the small medium and large category, whereas the Power pressure cooker, is in middle size, medium, large, and extra-large. In that case, usually, a smaller family will not opt for Power Pressure. On the basis of functionality, both provide and perform almost similar tasks. When you have to consider the basis of the economy, the Power Pressure cooker is the best, as they are cost-efficient and the availability if size to look large quantity at a lesser price.

Both the Instant Pot and Power Pressure cooker are similar but with slight changes in them. They are unique though. The best suggested from our side will be Instant pot, for its constant customer satisfaction and one good and worth buying product and brand in the market which is still sustaining with its demanding power since its launch.


Thereby the conclusion is always left to you, dear reader. We are to just guide you through. Your choice should always relay on the daily requirement and your need rather than our suggestion. And that would really help you to make your cooking more effective and the way you like. Research on the products in-depth and decide. There is no use in regretting, as its not just a usual appliance, but the instruments that help you make your favorite dish at home and what can be the best moment in life than relishing the best food at home. Choose wise, and grow healthy. We are to again note that this article, is purely an informative one, and we are in no way related to the marketing hub of the products. And at no cause, we are supported financially for this content from the product’s company.

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