Rice Cooker Vs Pressure Cooker : What’s the Difference?

Rice Cooker Vs Pressure Cooker: Food is not just an energy-producing item, yet a culture that is followed till today. In this era of burgers and pizzas, people still wanted to spend their personal space cooking. Rice has not yet loosed its position despite the modernized western food. In that case, today we still have confusion in choosing between the products that could fit us. Also, do Check Instant Pot vs Pressure Cooker

Not just in other items, we are concerned equally and sometimes more in choosing the best for kitchen and food. Today we are to look at the two important products in the market, the pressure cooker vs rice cooker – which is the best one to opt for.

Though we stress on the point, that deciding the best always lies on the readers and the user’s side and here we are to produce a platform to discuss the working and features of the products in a distinguished manner. Let’s have a detailed view of the products and decide to choose one that satisfies the requirements of the individual, which is also a variable.


The Pressure cooker was invented during the 17th century AD. It was commercialized in the USA in the year 1938. It is a 7-in-1 kitchen appliance that is easy and simple to use. It has built-in-microprocessor., makes cooking fast and it’s flexible enough when comes to cooking. There is a multiple temperature setting from low to high which is adjustable. The inner side is coated with stainless steel and can be controlled by Alexa. Yet it has no LCD display which is its drawback that can be stated.


The Rice cooker was built during the 13th century BC by China. The rice cooker has a built-in steamer function. It is simple and programmed as a user-friendly appliance. It has multifunctional use, with stainless steel coating. But unfortunately, the Rice cooker is not as versatile as the Instant pot. A rice cooker aims at cooking rice only, which is not automated or controlled through gadgets. It’s a manual functioning product.


Both the Pressure cooker and the Rice cookers are different and are capable enough to perform the various tasks according to their capacity. Here is a list of differences between the two of the cookers for the users to analyze and pick one that meets their requirements.

Firstly, both the cooker use the steaming process to cook food and this is one such a considerable similarity between them. there are some common similarities making people get confused with the two to opt between them. Despite their looks were similar, their purpose to serve is different. So this should be considered before one opts between the two.

The rice cooker has no automation process and it requires an external heating source like coil and pad. The device comes with a lip attached and includes extra parts like tofu maker and steaming basket. The liquid turns to steam when heated and the rice absorbs liquid and softens it. To check if the rice is cooked, there is an indication that the water is fully absorbed and it’s done.

  • The pressure cooker looks similar to the rice cooker. But in real cases, there is a lot of difference.
  • There is a fixable lid that comes with the pressure cooker that can be sealed and locked.
  • The steam is prevented from escaping during the process by the rubber lining. The pressure sensor in the pressure cook alerts constantly regarding the pressure inside the cooker, which makes the Pressure cooker to perform its task more effectively than the rice cooker.

There are different Rice cookers in the market, that can cook different types of rice accordingly wherein a single functioning rice cooker can only perform the task of cooking the rice. The multi-functioning rice cooker can be used to cook fish, meat, boiled eggs with steam and so on. But it takes a little extra time than usual. Check Out the best instant pot reviews

When it comes to cooking meat, the Pressure cooker works better and quicker than the rice cooker. Not only that, but the pressure cooker is also capable of preparing stew and roast tastier and healthy and quicker.

Whereas a multi-purpose Pressure cooker can be used as a slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, and so on. Where you can also cook rice. As the name itself states, multi-tasking. The Pressure cooker performs more exclusive and different tasks than a rice cooker. And it’s also very easy to use. The Pressure cooker substitutes a lot of other kitchen appliance that saves money, energy, place and time.


Let’s not make decisions blind before knowing the right things. We cant actually choose between the two as the best one. Say, both the PRESSURE COOKER and the RICE COOKER are equally capable to perform their tasks assigned. So one cannot depend on it. Instead, let’s analyze both with its pros and cons.


Rice cooker basically focuses on cooking plain white rice and different other variety of rice. The rice cooker helps in cooking the different kinds of rice like flavor, grain, and aroma effectively and the process is smooth. The automatic shut off feature helps in saving energy and leisure the user from the risk of overcooking and the tendency of the food cooked.

In the case of Pressure cooking, the time taken to cook food is comparatively readied in much lesser time than usual. One major reason to suggest Pressure is that it kills a lot of microorganisms in the food, and in turn, provides you with clean and healthy food. This happens once when the temperature reaches a higher point (above the boiling water).

This show a Pressure cooker can also be used as a sterilizer used to sterilize other kitchen tools like bottles, cans, etc. You have a sealing lid to hold the flavor and texture of the food in a Pressure cooker wherein you need not add too much flavoring and seasonings. These cookers suits for people at high altitude to cook at slow speed at cold weather and also people at low temperature as it can also cook at high speed.


When you choose a rice cooker, it only performs one task, which cannot take other processes and would drag your time, space and money. Despite the point, one can use it to perform other tasks like frying fish, vegetables, meats, etc., it would comparatively take a much longer time than usual. The rice cooker cannot be sealed and the temperature adjustment option is not there and the temperature reaches till the boiling point of water. In that case, a rice cooker is not suggested for tendering meat and sterilizing.


Between the Rice cooker and Multipurpose Pressure Cooker, choosing is left to you. Firstly you have to check, which meets your requirements when it comes to cookers and cooking. The type of dish you choose to cook must also be considered. So when you prefer to take rice mostly in your meal, then a rice cooker will suit you. But what if you need a multi-tasking cooker, that performs various tasks, in that case, the Multipurpose Pressure Cooker is the best one. So be wise enough before you opt for one.


An Electric Pressure Cooker helps you to prepare anything you want with a one-push method using the button. When you fix yourself to a budget, then Stove Pressure Cookers could have opted as they require less maintenance and is flexible enough to perform the required tasks.


So yeah, hope you got an idea or even may bee decided to choose the one that you actually need. And as mentioned, we are here to rely on the facts about the product and to put forth the differences and its uses. And not to decide things for you. Yeah, its actually difficult to choose between two significant products in the market, make the right decision accordingly that fits in your requirements.

And clearly again, we are to note that, this content is not for a commercial basis and only an informative one to share knowledge on the items and a platform to share our views. In no way, we are connected or financially supported by the companies of the products.

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